Key Stage 3

Students gain a strong foundation in the three main divisions of science along with the accompanying practical skills needed to progress to GCSE study. This period of study opens students’ eyes to wonders of the world we live in and both answers and generates many intriguing questions.


Key Stage 4

All students will at least study AQA Combined Science: Trilogy and have the option to study 3 separate science GCSEs. Through studying Combined Science, students will gain 2 Science GCSEs, awarded based on the combined scores from examinations completed across the three science disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Whilst Separate Science is preferred by establishments when students apply for A-Level science, Combined science is still highly regarded by further education establishments and employers and it is still possible to progress on to A-Level Science.

All students will develop experimental skills through the completion of a number of required practicals linked to lesson content and will be asked questions about these in the exam.

Science Curriculum Video


Students are assessed every lesson through regular low stakes testing and retrieval practice. In addition to this there is an end of topic test for each module studied as well as more extensive mid and end of year assessments.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Cambridge has a wealth of science linked attractions and opportunities which the school visits. A weekly STEM club also operates giving students the opportunity to further explore their scientific curiosity and develop experimental skills.

Future Careers

Our department has a wealth of experience and knowledge across the sciences and is passionate about awakening curiosity and developing critical thinking in students; empowering them to explain our rapidly changing world and contribute towards a global society.

Studying science develops your analytical and problem solving skills, training you to approach things in a logical evidence based manner. These skills are desirable in a wide range of careers outside of the more obvious applications of science. Careers more directly based on a strong understanding of science include: healthcare, animal healthcare, engineering, pharmaceutical research, forensic scientist, research scientist and many more.

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