Why do we have homework?

Homework is an important part of school life. Students develop responsibility by learn to work independently and getting it completed on time. Doing homework helps students develop and embed the knowledge and skills they have learnt in class. Homework also allows parents to have an active role in a child’s learning – parents can see what students have been learning at school and they can help, for example, by testing their child. Most importantly, homework is a key review point which prevents students from immediately forgetting and losing what they've learnt in school.  “The evidence shows that the impact of homework, on average, is five months additional progress.” (EEF, April 2020) 

Setting challenging homework matches our values: “We are ambitious.” 

How much homework is there?

Students in year 7, year 8 and year 9 are set a minimum of 60 minutes' homework a day. In year 10 and year 11 the minimum is 1 hour and 30 minutes a day. This normally means 30 minutes (Years 7,8 and 9) and 45 minutes (Years 10 and 11) per homework.  The timetable is set out here: Homework Timetable

Core Subjects

In Years 7,8 and 9, Maths homework will be 60 minutes per week, set on the Sparx platform. Students should achieve 100% completion. In English, students may be set 60 minutes homework in years 7,8 and 9.

What is expected?

Teachers set homework on Seneca, Sparx and Hegarty using the Show My Homework platform. This is here.  Twice per half term in KS3, teachers will set also set self-quizzing tasks using our knowledge organisers. Students should complete the tasks set within the timeframe, which will usually be 1 week.  

What is Show My Homework?

This is the platform we use for setting homework. It is straightforward to use. Students should go to www.satchelone.com and log in. They do so with their Microsoft 365 account.  A guide is published above, as is a document explaining the Seneca platform, which is also accessed using the same login.  

What if I have a problem?

Talk to your teacher or your tutor who will be able to help you. Talk to your parents too and get them to help you if they can, especially by testing you. If students have issues with logins, they may approach ICT support in the Learning Centre, between 8.15 to 8.25am, 10.20 to 10.40am, and 12.30pm to 1.30pm.   

How do teachers check on homework?

Teachers monitor standards in several ways including retrieval practice, tests and checking for completion rates on Sparx and Seneca. Students will be tested in class following self-quizzing knowledge organiser homeworks. Teachers will set a detention if homework is not completed on time or to a high standard – for example if Sparx homework is not 100% completed.