Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement

Our home school agreement is one of the first documents to be signed at the beginning of each academic year. It marks the commitment we all put into each child's education: the school; the parent and the student. 

Coleridge Community College will:

As a parent/carer I will:

As a student I will:

  • Believe that every student is capable of academic success and can go to any College and any University of their choosing.

  • Value each child as an individual
  • Promote the highest standards of achievement, progress and behaviour
  • Provide an environment for the learning that is safe and caring  
  • Have high expectations, set high standards and consistently enforce these
  • Provide high quality learning and excellent teaching
  • Operate the Coleridge behaviour policy and sanction poor behaviour when it is needed
  • Keep parents and students regularly informed about progress
  • Ensure that parents can contact staff  and arrange meetings where necessary
  • Offer as many extra curricular opportunities as possible to students
  • Send regular report cards which update parents on academic progress
  • Hold an annual Parents’ Evening to discuss your child’s academic progress
  • Believe our child is capable of academic success and gaining a place at college and any university of their choosing
  • Support the school’s efforts in encouraging the best possible standards in our child’s studies
  • Make sure that my child attends school every day, on time with the correct equipment  and in the correct uniform. I will not plan holiday/absence in term time.
  • Ensure that my child has excellent attendance (at least 96%)
  • Attend all Parents’ Evenings and Information Evenings
  • Support the Coleridge behaviour policy, including the centralised detention and isolation system giving my permission for students to attend detentions after school and will attend meetings following behaviour incidents
  • Support the school with all policies, sanctions and decisions that are made to ensure all students can succeed
  • Always support my child's teachers knowing that the decisions are being made by teachers are with each student’s best interests at heart
  • Encourage my child to read daily and to complete their homework each evening and that they pack the correct equipment and go to bed at a reasonable time.
  • Ensure my child’s cashless catering account is kept topped up
  • Attend Coleridge Community College every day in the correct uniform, be on time and with the correct equipment
  • Agree to follow the Coleridge behaviour policy and I understand the consequences if I fail to do so and will accept them stoically
  • Be responsible for my own behaviour and will discuss any problems I have with my parent or member of staff
  • Work hard in everything I do
  • Be an outstanding ambassador in the way I behave and treat others - – this includes my behaviour in the vicinity of the school, to and from school, and on school trips
  • Read everyday for at least 20 minutes
  • Make sure that my homework is complete, to my best standard, each evening
  • Keep my tuff bag and knowledge maps neat and use them well
  • Keep the school safe by never bringing banned items onto school site
  • Follow the school’s ICT Acceptable Use Policy for Students, including carefully looking after any device I am using, such as a Chromebook (where appropriate)