Why is it so important to be prepared?

If you are not prepared you risk slowing down your learning and the learning of others

If you have to ask for equipment it disrupts learning.  Therefore, preparation is key.  Being prepared also helps to reduce stress.   You can do things in a timely manner if you exercise self-discipline, which will eliminate the stress involved in procrastination and last-minute scrambling. Keeping your time under control will also keep your task list shorter and less overwhelming.


All students are expected to have the following 15 items of equipment for school:

  • 2 x black/blue pens
  • 2 x green pens
  • pencil
  • rubber
  • 30cm ruler
  • glue stick
  • highlighter
  • scientific 2-line calculator
  • pencil case
  • hand sanitiser
  • homework book (school provides)
  • knowledge booklet (school provides first one)
  • lanyard (school provides first one)

CCC15 Equipment Mat


There is an equipment shop at the front of school which opens from 8–8:30am every day. Students can always purchase individual items here, particularly if they need to obtain any lost or forgotten items before beginning their day. 

Financial support is available if needed as it’s important that we can ensure equipment is affordable for all. We provide all Pupil Premium students with a complete CCC15 pack which includes house coloured items.

Individual price list (Only available for students to purchase in school)

  • pens - 30p
  • pencil - 10p
  • rubber - 15p
  • 30cm ruler - 35p
  • glue stick - £1
  • scientific 2-line calculator - £6.75
  • hand sanitiser - £1
  • knowledge map folders - £1.65
  • 2 highlighters - £1
  • protractor - £1

The full CCC15 is available to buy on Iris +Pay for £13

We want to remove any obstacles for students, or families, and ensure students are equipped for lesson to ensure maximum learning opportunity in every class.  If you need any support please contact the school office on col-enquiries@coleridgecc.org.uk so that we can work with you. We would be happy to help.