We have a clear uniform policy and expect students to wear this with pride every day. We take following our uniform policy seriously because what we look like matters and we have high standards in everything that we do.  

We, of course, want students to wear their uniform proudly. We want to develop a sense of belonging which is so important in building communities. We are dedicated to eradicating fashionable trends, such as having expensive or big belts, socks over tights, and piercings, to name a few. In some cases, these can seem minor, but it is worth reminding ourselves that the purpose of uniform is to remove hierarchy, difference and status.

Uniformity of dress is very important to us, as it levels the playing field for everyone. No one looks cooler, richer, trendier or more rebellious than anyone else, then the attention can be focused on character and education, as it should be. We want students to be individual through their character, their opinions and their intelligence, not defined by their background or their choice in fashion.

Uniform Items (see attachment below for images)

Year 7

Year 8-11

Grey branded Coleridge Community College Blazer, purchased from SWI



Grey jumper, purchased from SWI



Plain white formal shirt, short or long sleeved (No coloured t-shirts or long-sleeved tops may be worn underneath.) Compulsory Compulsory

Smart trousers worn at the waist. Belt should be black, plain and functional, with no oversized buckles.



Smart Shorts worn at the waist. Belt should be black, plain and functional, with no oversized buckles. Black Black

Black professional knee-length skirt, straight or pleated, can be purchased from SWI



House Tie, purchased directly from school


Compulsory for Years 7-8. 

Year 9-11 optional

No trainers or shoes that resemble trainers, no polishable trainers or trainer style shoe. There may be trainers labelled as shoes in some shops so please contact the school for support if you are unsure.



Socks or tights. Plain black with no patterns or frills. Not to be worn together.


Leggings are only permitted under a skirt and do not count as trousers


Hijabs must be plain black/navy/grey, smooth material, with no other colour or decoration, worn at shoulder length and not long at the back

Coats must be of a neutral colour. They should not have logos on them. Students are not allowed to wear hoodies or denim jackets.

PE Kit

Blue Raglan Polo Shirt

Compulsory and must be purchased from SWI

Black Zip Training top

Compulsory and must be purchased from SWI

Black Sports shorts


Sports socks

Compulsory and must be purchased from - SWI

Trainers These can be any colour or brand but students must carry them in their bag and change into them only for PE lessons or clubs.


Students' hair must be natural in colour and style at the discretion of the school. This means no ‘pattern cuts’, shaved, dip-dyed, ombre or excessively coloured hair. Hair bands, clips and slides must be discrete, plain and simple in style. 


Students should wear minimal and natural makeup. False eyelashes should not be worn.

Jewellery and Nails

Students should not wear jewellery of any kind, including piercings (one stud per ear is permitted). Students’ nails should be neutral. No false nails, gel nails or acrylic nails are permitted.

Where can I get school uniform?

Our uniform supplier is Sportswear International Ltd (SWI). Orders can be placed online at www.swischoolwear.co.uk or by phone on 01928 752610 (Option1). Enquiries can be sent to customerservice@swi.co.uk

SWI Parent Guide

Delivery to school is free and they make weekly deliveries. Orders placed by 5pm on a Thursday will be in school the following Tuesday morning.

Home delivery is £4.50 or free for orders over £70. These can take up to 7 working days.


Financial support is available if needed as it’s important that we can ensure uniform is affordable for all. We have some second hand uniform and, in some cases, can donate uniform. There is also a ‘Boot Room’ at the front of school where we will loan uniform for the day, if required, to ensure all students have a successful start.

We want to remove any obstacles for students, or families, to ensure uniform can be worn with pride. Please contact the school office on col-enquiries@coleridgecc.org.uk so that we can work with you. We would be happy to help.