Vision and Values

Our Vision

United Learning is a group of schools committed to providing excellent education through which all pupils are able to progress, achieve and go on to succeed in life. Our approach is underpinned by a sense of moral purpose and commitment to doing what is right for children and young people, supporting colleagues to achieve excellence and acting with integrity in all our dealings within and beyond the organisation, in the interests of young people everywhere. We summarise this ethos as ‘the best in everyone’. 

At Coleridge, our vision is simple - that we will be a great school in everything that we do

This means that we provide high quality teaching and learning alongside opportunities and experiences that ensure that we educate the whole child.  It means that we maintain an environment built on the highest standards so that every individual can develop and we can bring out the best in everyone.

Our Values

We are ambitious.

This means that we value :

  • Excellence, by working hard to learn, practice and apply our knowledge to achieve the highest personal and academic standards
  • Determination, by endeavouring to continuously improve so that we are better today than we were yesterday  
  • Creativity, by aiming high, challenging ourselves and others to imagine possibilities and make them real

We are caring. 

This means that we value :

  • Inclusion, by valuing, understanding and celebrating our differences
  • Kindness, to ourselves and towards others
  • Respect, for ourselves, our peers, our school environment and our community, in all that we say and do

We have integrity. 

This means that we value :

  • Courage, by doing the right thing even when nobody is watching
  • Decency, by being polite, honest and trustworthy
  • Resilience, by having the strength to pick ourselves up and overcome obstacles

We contribute. 

This means that we value :

  • Enthusiasm, by getting involved in school life and seeking opportunities to pursue our talents and interests
  • Participation, both inside and outside of the classroom - we give 100%
  • Engagement, by playing a positive role in our school and community and embracing leadership opportunities to develop as confident young people

We are CCC, where values matter