Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

Key Stage 4 - BTEC

  1. Development of work-ready skills such as team work, experiencing research, extended writing and meeting deadlines​
  2. Explore specialist skills to promote excellence in standards of care
  3. Develop empath, compassion and a 'can do' approach

Students will complete 3 components, each comprising a number of topics:

Component 1: Human Lifespan Development
  • Human growth and development across life stages
  • Factors affecting growth and development
  • Different types of life event
  • Coping with change caused by life events
Component 2: Health and Social Care Services and Values
  • Health and social care services
  • Barriers to accessing services
  • Care values
  • Reviewing the application of care values
Component 3: Health and Wellbeing
  • Factors affecting health and wellbeing
  • Physiological health indicators
  • Lifestyle indicators
  • Health and wellbeing improvement plans
  • Obstacles to implements improvement plans


Components 1 and 2 are assessed through internal assessment. Students will be set assignments to complete to allow them to demonstrate their learning and highlight their understanding of the connection between knowledge and practice.

Human Lifespan Development (2 pieces of coursework 30%)

Health and Social Care Services and Values (2 pieces of coursework 30%)

Component 3 is exam based and worth 60 marks, making up 40% of the qualification. Students will be asked to identify and use effectively a number of skills, techniques, theories and knowledge from across the whole course.

Health and Wellbeing (Exam 40%)

Curriculum Overview

  1. Learn the core values that Health and Social Care professionals demonstrates in a range of contexts​
  2. Learn about the factors which can affect individuals throughout the life stages​
  3. Interpret health information and create health plans to improve the wellbeing of a service use

Year 10 - Term 1 Human Lifespan Development

Year 10 - Term 2 Human Lifespan Development / Health and Wellbeing

Year 10 - Term 3 Health and Wellbeing

Year 11 - Term 1 Health and Wellbeing / Health and Social Care Services and Values

Year 11 - Term 2 Health and Social Care Services and Values

Future Careers

Primary/Secondary teaching​, Social work​, Physiotherapy​, Police​, Nursery teaching​, Nursery Nurse​, Midwifery​, Nursing​ and Childcare​