Work Experience

Work Experience

Every pupil should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities, and expand their networks.

By the age of 16, every pupil should have had at least one experience of a workplace, additional to any part-time jobs they may have.

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Every year we allow our year 10 students one week off timetable to experience the world of work. This usually happened towards the end of the school year in July. We prepare them well with Mock Interviews and help them to get placements. We partner with Form the Future to ensure all Safeguarding and Health and Safety checks are complete. This is such a great experience for our students.

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Are you an employer who can offer a placement to one of our wonderful students? Or are you able to offer a workplace visit or a shadowing opportunity?

We’d love to hear from you!

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