Higher Education (Post-18)

Higher Education

Higher education is education after you leave school or college. It takes place at universities and further education colleges and normally includes undergraduate and postgraduate study and leads to a degree or degree apprenticeship. In the UK there are over 395 higher education institutions to choose from and 50,000 undergraduate courses.

What are university entry requirements?

Entry requirements for university are the formal criteria you must meet in order to be considered for a degree course you're applying to. If you have a particular career in mind and are considering going to university, when choosing your GCSE or Post-16 courses it is important to do some research to see what the entry requirements might be for your chosen course of study. 

These criteria are set by the university offering that course, to determine whether you're capable of meeting its objectives. This is based on relevant or similar skills, knowledge and ability you’ve demonstrated in previous qualifications, exams and assessments. For example, do you need A-level maths to study for an engineering degree and do you need a high grade in GCSE maths to get onto an A-level maths course?

You can learn more about the different entry requirements you might need to meet for a given course on The Uni Guide website here.

The most comprehensive website for UK University course information is UCAS.

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