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Further Education - Post16 options in Cambridge

After leaving school all students must stay in some type of education or training until they are 18. There are many options available after Year 11. At Coleridge we support students to choose the options which best suit their strengths and interests.

All pupils should understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them. This includes both academic and vocational routes, learning in schools, colleges, universities or in the workplace.

By the age of 16, every pupil should have had a meaningful encounter* with the full range of learning providers, including sixth forms, colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers. This should include an opportunity to meet both staff and pupils.

By the age of 18, all pupils who are considering applying for university should have had at least two visits to universities to meet staff and students.

Although we do not have a 6th Form (Year 12 and 13) at Coleridge, our pupils have access to a wealth of excellent providers in the Cambridge area.

Whether they want to study A-levels or T-Levels, become an apprentice, take the International Baccalaureate, tackle a Diploma or level 1, 2 or 3 BTEC, there are opportunities for all in the local colleges.

To help our pupils choose their route into Further Education or training, there is an application process through MyChoice@16. We devote a lot of time to working with our students to support them in making the right choices and completing the applications.

It begins in earnest in year 10. We encourage our students to attend the colleges' open evenings to get a good feel of the atmosphere and talk to students and staff about what it is like to study there.

We also host a Post 16-provider evening at Coleridge to give an opportunity for all our year 10 students the convenience of meeting all of the providers in one place.

We hold CV writing workshops and mock interviews to support our students in writing their personal statements and ensure they are well prepared for their personal guidance sessions at the colleges.

* "A ‘meaningful’ encounter is one in which the student has an opportunity to explore what it’s like to learn in that environment." Gatsby Benchmark 7

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