Dance is an ever changing subject, which enables our students to develop their communication, problem solving and confidence, as well as maturing their memory, creativity and initiative. Dance is taught at both key stage 3 and key stage 4 within the Performing Arts faculty and increases students’ knowledge on physical, technical and expressive skills, through practical activity.

General outcomes and objectives of dance include:

  • Promotion of fitness, healthy lifestyle, teamwork and creativity
  • Improving a range of physical skills and has a strong benefit on mental health
  • Developing independent learning
  • Allowing for critical and reflective thinking
  • Maturing students’ understanding of a range of dance styles through performance, creation and appreciation
  • Advancing physical, technical and expressive skills, with which you are able to communicate choreographic intention and individuality as a performer

In key stage 4, students have the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment by taking the Pearson BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance Approach). Within this course, students will study three components:

Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts (internally assessed)

This component will help learners to understand the requirements of being a dance performer across a range of styles. Learners will develop their understanding of dance by examining practitioners’ work and the processes used to create dance performances.

Component 2: Developing Skills and Techniques (internally assessed)

In this component, learners will develop performance skills and techniques. Learners will take part in workshops and classes where they will develop technical and interpretative skills through rehearsal and performance processes.

Component 3: Performing to a Brief:

In this component, learners will have the opportunity to respond to a brief whilst working as part of a group.  Here, learners will develop ideas for a workshop performance and will apply skills and techniques to communicate their creative intentions to an audience.

Component 3 is an external assessment and provides the main synoptic assessment for the qualification. Component 3 builds directly on Components 1 and 2 and enables learning to be brought together and related to a real-life situation. It requires learners to apply performance skills and techniques in response to a stimulus - developing a group performance for a selected audience.

Performing Arts Curriculum Video

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

We run a full and vibrant performing arts programme with a packed events calendar that runs throughout the entire year. 

We run dance and choreography clubs and regularly welcome workshops into schools. Our programme also includes musical theatre productions on conjunction with our cluster schools, Parkside and Trumpington.